Immortal Thor ile Al Ewing Tanrılığa Ulaşıyor

Immortal Thor Ascends to Godhood with Al Ewing

Thor, the God of Thunder, has been a staple of Marvel Comics since his debut in 1962. Over the years, he has faced countless foes, both on Earth and in the Nine Realms, and has even died and been resurrected multiple times. But in the recent Immortal Hulk series, writer Al Ewing has taken Thor’s story to new heights, as the Asgardian hero ascends to godhood and becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The Immortal Hulk series, which began in 2018, has been a critical and commercial success, with Ewing’s writing and Joe Bennett’s art earning praise from fans and critics alike. The series has explored the darker side of the Hulk, as well as the larger Marvel Universe, with appearances from characters like the Leader, the Abomination, and even the Devil himself. But one of the most surprising and exciting developments in the series has been the evolution of Thor’s character.

In issue #6 of the series, Thor makes a dramatic entrance, arriving on Earth to confront the Hulk, who has been causing chaos in New Mexico. But this is not the Thor we’re used to seeing. This is a Thor who has been changed by the events of the War of the Realms, a recent Marvel event that saw the forces of Asgard and the other Nine Realms battle against Malekith the Accursed and his army of Dark Elves.

During the War of the Realms, Thor was forced to confront his own mortality, as he faced off against the powerful Dark Elf queen, Laufey. In the aftermath of the battle, Thor was left weakened and vulnerable, and he realized that he could not continue to rely on his hammer, Mjolnir, to protect him. He needed to become something more.

And so, in Immortal Hulk #6, we see Thor wielding a new weapon, a massive axe called Jarnbjorn. But this is not the only change in Thor’s character. As the series progresses, we see Thor becoming more and more powerful, as he taps into his true potential as a god.

In issue #16, Thor faces off against the Hulk once again, but this time, he is a different kind of opponent. He has become a god, with the power to control the elements and manipulate reality itself. He is no longer just a hero, but a force of nature, and the Hulk is no match for him.

But Thor’s ascension to godhood is not without its consequences. As he becomes more powerful, he also becomes more distant from his mortal allies, including his fellow Avengers. He begins to see himself as above them, as a true god among mortals. And this arrogance leads to a confrontation with the Black Panther, who challenges Thor’s newfound godhood and reminds him of the importance of humility.

This conflict between Thor’s godly power and his mortal relationships is a central theme of the Immortal Hulk series, and it is one that Ewing handles with skill and nuance. He shows us the awe-inspiring majesty of Thor’s godhood, but also the dangers of becoming too detached from humanity.

Overall, Immortal Thor is a thrilling and unexpected development in the Marvel Universe, and Al Ewing’s writing has done justice to the character’s rich history and mythology. As Thor continues to evolve and grow, we can only imagine what new challenges and adventures await him in the future.

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