Include June’s latest science fiction, fantasy, and horror books in your summer reading list.

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in some science fiction, fantasy, and horror books. With the sun shining and the days longer, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book. June has brought us some exciting new releases in these genres, and here are some of the best ones to add to your summer reading list.

Science Fiction

1. “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir – The author of “The Martian” is back with another thrilling space adventure. When an astronaut wakes up on a spaceship with no memory of how he got there, he must figure out his mission and save Earth from a looming disaster.

2. “The Last Emperox” by John Scalzi – The final book in the Interdependency series, this novel follows the last ruler of the Interdependency as she fights to save her people from the collapse of their civilization.

3. “The Galaxy, and the Ground Within” by Becky Chambers – In this standalone novel, four strangers from different planets are stranded at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. As they wait for their ships to be repaired, they learn about each other’s cultures and form unexpected connections.


1. “The Jasmine Throne” by Tasha Suri – Set in a world inspired by medieval India, this novel follows a princess and a servant as they team up to overthrow a tyrant and reclaim their kingdom.

2. “The Witness for the Dead” by Katherine Addison – A companion novel to “The Goblin Emperor,” this book follows a minor character from the first book as he investigates a murder in the city of Amalo.

3. “The Chosen and the Beautiful” by Nghi Vo – This retelling of “The Great Gatsby” features a gender-bent protagonist who is also a magical immigrant from Vietnam. As she navigates the world of the wealthy elite, she discovers secrets and scandals that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear.


1. “Survivor Song” by Paul Tremblay – When a rabies-like virus breaks out in Massachusetts, a pregnant woman and her friend must race against time to get to a hospital before it’s too late. This fast-paced thriller is perfect for fans of pandemic fiction.

2. “The Final Girl Support Group” by Grady Hendrix – In this meta-horror novel, a group of women who survived slasher movie-style attacks come together for therapy sessions. But when one of them is targeted again, they must band together to uncover the truth behind their past traumas.

3. “The Taking of Jake Livingston” by Ryan Douglass – When a black teenager moves into a haunted house, he must confront the ghost of a former student who is determined to possess him. This chilling debut novel explores themes of racism, homophobia, and mental illness.

In conclusion, June has brought us a diverse range of science fiction, fantasy, and horror books to add to our summer reading lists. Whether you’re in the mood for a space adventure, a medieval-inspired epic, or a spine-tingling horror story, there’s something for everyone. So grab a book, find a shady spot, and get lost in a new world this summer.

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