Jules Sherred, the author of Crip Up the Kitchen, desires to make your kitchen more accessible.

Jules Sherred is a disability rights activist, author, and blogger who is passionate about making the world a more accessible place for people with disabilities. Her latest project, Crip Up the Kitchen, is a cookbook that aims to make cooking and eating more accessible for people with disabilities.

The idea for Crip Up the Kitchen came to Jules after she realized that many of the recipes in traditional cookbooks were not designed with people with disabilities in mind. For example, many recipes require a lot of standing, chopping, and stirring, which can be difficult for people with mobility issues or chronic pain. Additionally, many recipes assume that the reader has access to a fully equipped kitchen, which is not always the case for people with disabilities.

To address these issues, Jules set out to create a cookbook that would be truly accessible to people with disabilities. She started by consulting with other people with disabilities to find out what their biggest challenges were when it came to cooking and eating. Based on their feedback, she developed a set of guidelines for creating accessible recipes.

One of the key principles of Crip Up the Kitchen is that recipes should be adaptable to different levels of ability. For example, Jules includes suggestions for how to modify recipes for people who have difficulty standing for long periods of time, or who have limited use of their hands. She also provides tips for how to make recipes more accessible for people with visual or cognitive impairments.

Another important aspect of Crip Up the Kitchen is that it emphasizes the importance of using fresh, healthy ingredients. Jules believes that everyone deserves access to nutritious food, regardless of their ability level. To that end, she includes recipes for a variety of dishes, from simple salads to more complex entrees, all of which are designed to be both delicious and healthy.

Overall, Crip Up the Kitchen is a groundbreaking cookbook that has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities. By providing accessible recipes and practical tips for adapting them to different levels of ability, Jules is helping to break down barriers and create a more inclusive world. Whether you have a disability yourself or simply want to learn more about how to make your kitchen more accessible, Crip Up the Kitchen is a must-read.

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