Lego marks Disney’s centennial anniversary by creating the Making Wonders series.

Lego, the world-renowned toy company, has recently announced a new series of sets that will celebrate the centennial anniversary of one of the most beloved entertainment companies in the world: Disney. The series, called “Making Wonders,” will feature iconic Disney characters and landmarks, allowing fans of all ages to recreate their favorite moments from Disney’s rich history.

The Making Wonders series will include several sets, each featuring a different Disney property. One of the most highly anticipated sets is the Cinderella Castle set, which will allow fans to build a replica of the iconic castle from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The set will include over 4,000 pieces and will stand over 29 inches tall, making it one of the largest Lego sets ever produced.

Another set in the series will feature the beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse. The set will allow fans to build a large-scale model of the iconic mouse, complete with his signature red shorts and yellow shoes. The set will also include a display stand and a plaque with information about Mickey’s history.

Other sets in the Making Wonders series will feature characters and landmarks from Disney’s other properties, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. One set will allow fans to build a replica of the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise, while another will feature the Avengers Tower from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Making Wonders series is not the first time that Lego and Disney have collaborated. In fact, the two companies have a long history of working together, with Lego producing sets based on Disney properties for over two decades. However, the Making Wonders series is unique in that it celebrates Disney’s centennial anniversary, marking 100 years since the company was founded by Walt Disney in 1923.

The Making Wonders series is sure to be a hit with fans of both Lego and Disney, as it combines two of the most beloved brands in the world. The sets are designed to be challenging and engaging, allowing fans to spend hours building and recreating their favorite Disney moments. The sets are also highly collectible, making them a great investment for fans who want to own a piece of Disney history.

In addition to the Making Wonders series, Lego and Disney have also collaborated on several other projects in recent years. One of the most notable collaborations was the Lego Disney Minifigures series, which featured 18 different Disney characters in Lego form. The series included characters from classic Disney films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as newer properties like Frozen and Moana.

Overall, the Making Wonders series is a fitting tribute to Disney’s rich history and legacy. The series celebrates the magic and wonder of Disney, while also showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of Lego. With its intricate designs and attention to detail, the Making Wonders series is sure to be a hit with fans of all ages, and will undoubtedly become a cherished part of many collections for years to come.

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