One of James Gunn’s candidates for Superman: Legacy may already be known to us.

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One of James Gunn’s candidates for Superman: Legacy may already be known to us. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad has been teasing his involvement in a new Superman movie for some time, and recently revealed that he has pitched his idea to Warner Bros. and DC Films. While there is no official confirmation yet, Gunn has dropped some hints about his vision for the Man of Steel, including his preference for a fresh face to play the iconic superhero.

In a recent interview with Collider, Gunn talked about his approach to casting Superman, saying that he wants to find someone who embodies the character’s spirit and values, rather than just his physical appearance. He also hinted that he has already considered some actors for the role, but declined to name them. However, he did say that he is not interested in casting a big-name star who has already played a superhero, as he wants to avoid any associations with other franchises.

This statement has led to speculation among fans and media about who could be Gunn’s top pick for Superman. Some have suggested that he might be looking for a relatively unknown actor who can bring a fresh perspective to the role, while others have proposed some established names who have not yet played a superhero. Here are some of the candidates that have been mentioned so far:

– Tyler Hoechlin: The actor who currently plays Superman in the Arrowverse on The CW has been a fan favorite since his debut in 2016. Hoechlin has already proven that he can embody the dual identity of Clark Kent and Superman, and has received praise for his chemistry with Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane. However, it is unclear whether Gunn would consider an actor who is already associated with a different version of the character.

– Armie Hammer: The actor who was previously attached to play Batman in George Miller’s cancelled Justice League: Mortal has been rumored for various superhero roles over the years, including Green Lantern and Shazam. Hammer has the looks and charisma to pull off Superman, and has shown his range in films like Call Me By Your Name and The Social Network. However, he has also faced controversy over his personal life and has not had a major box office hit in recent years.

– Nicholas Hoult: The actor who played Beast in the X-Men movies and starred in Mad Max: Fury Road and The Favourite has been praised for his acting chops and versatility. Hoult has not yet played a superhero, but has been rumored for roles like Batman and Captain Britain. He could bring a fresh energy to Superman and could appeal to younger audiences, but might not have the same level of recognition as some other actors.

– Sam Claflin: The actor who played Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games series and starred in Me Before You and Enola Holmes has been suggested by some fans as a potential Superman. Claflin has the looks and charm to play the Man of Steel, and has shown his range in various genres. However, he has not yet had a breakout role that would make him a household name, and might not have the physical presence that some fans expect from Superman.

– Henry Golding: The actor who starred in Crazy Rich Asians, The Gentlemen, and Snake Eyes has been a rising star in Hollywood in recent years. Golding has not yet played a superhero, but has been rumored for roles like James Bond and Green Lantern. He has the looks, charisma, and athleticism to play Superman, and could bring a fresh perspective to the character. However, he might not have the same level of experience or recognition as some other actors.

Of course, these are just some of the actors who could be on James Gunn’s radar for Superman: Legacy. It is also possible that he has considered other candidates who have not yet been mentioned, or that he has a completely different vision for the character than what fans are expecting. Regardless of who ends up playing Superman, it will be interesting to see how Gunn approaches the character and how he fits into the larger DC Extended Universe.

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