Reddit’s API changes have prompted hundreds of subreddits to go dark, and here are 30 of them participating in the protest.

The recent changes to Reddit’s API have caused a stir among the community, with hundreds of subreddits going dark in protest. The changes, which were announced in late March, have been met with criticism from moderators and users alike, who argue that they will have a negative impact on the site’s functionality and user experience.

One of the main concerns raised by moderators is that the changes will make it more difficult to manage their subreddits effectively. The new API limits the number of requests that can be made to Reddit’s servers, which means that moderators will have to be more selective about the tools and bots they use to manage their communities. This could lead to a decrease in the quality of content and moderation on the site, as moderators may not have the resources to effectively police their subreddits.

Another issue is that the changes will make it harder for third-party developers to create apps and tools that integrate with Reddit. This could limit the range of options available to users, and make it more difficult for them to access the site on their preferred platform or device.

In response to these concerns, hundreds of subreddits have gone dark in protest. This means that they have made their content inaccessible to users who are not subscribed to the subreddit, and have posted messages explaining their reasons for doing so. Some subreddits have also changed their banners and logos to reflect their participation in the protest.

Here are 30 of the subreddits that are currently participating in the protest:

1. r/AskReddit
2. r/gifs
3. r/videos
4. r/pics
5. r/funny
6. r/worldnews
7. r/news
8. r/todayilearned
9. r/science
10. r/technology
11. r/aww
12. r/books
13. r/movies
14. r/music
15. r/television
16. r/gaming
17. r/food
18. r/photography
19. r/fitness
20. r/relationships
21. r/sex
22. r/parenting
23. r/psychology
24. r/philosophy
25. r/history
26. r/atheism
27. r/politics
28. r/economics
29. r/environment
30. r/programming

These subreddits cover a wide range of topics, and their participation in the protest highlights the widespread concern among users about the impact of the API changes. While Reddit has stated that the changes are necessary to improve the site’s stability and security, many users feel that they have not been adequately consulted or informed about the changes.

The protest is ongoing, and it remains to be seen whether Reddit will respond to the concerns raised by moderators and users. In the meantime, many subreddits are encouraging their users to contact Reddit’s administrators and express their concerns directly. Whether this will lead to any changes remains to be seen, but it is clear that the community is passionate about preserving the functionality and user experience of the site.

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