The Tea-Spilling Celebrity Gossip Podcasts: Top 10 Picks

The Tea-Spilling Celebrity Gossip Podcasts: Top 10 Picks

Podcasts have become a popular medium for entertainment and information, and one genre that has gained significant traction is celebrity gossip. With the rise of social media and the public’s insatiable appetite for celebrity news, there are numerous podcasts dedicated to spilling the tea on the latest Hollywood scandals, relationships, and drama. Here, we present the top 10 picks for tea-spilling celebrity gossip podcasts.

1. “The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker”
Perez Hilton, the original celebrity gossip blogger, teams up with radio host Chris Booker to deliver the juiciest celebrity news and gossip. With their insider knowledge and witty banter, they provide an entertaining and unfiltered take on the latest Hollywood happenings.

2. “Watch What Crappens”
Hosted by Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam, this podcast focuses on reality TV and all the drama that comes with it. From the Real Housewives franchise to Vanderpump Rules, they dissect every episode, spill the tea on behind-the-scenes secrets, and offer hilarious commentary.

3. “The Morning Toast”
Sisters Claudia and Jackie Oshry bring their unique perspective to celebrity gossip in this daily podcast. With their humorous and relatable approach, they cover the latest news, pop culture trends, and celebrity scandals, making it a must-listen for any gossip enthusiast.

4. “Who? Weekly”
Hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber, this podcast is dedicated to the “whos” of the celebrity world – the lesser-known stars who often find themselves in the tabloids. With their comedic style, they dive into the lives of these “whos” and provide hilarious commentary on their rise to fame.

5. “The Bitch Bible”
Hosted by Jackie Schimmel, this podcast is a no-holds-barred take on celebrity culture and lifestyle. With her sharp wit and unapologetic attitude, Jackie spills the tea on everything from celebrity feuds to fashion faux pas, making it a guilty pleasure for gossip lovers.

6. “Pop Culture Happy Hour”
While not solely focused on celebrity gossip, this NPR podcast covers all aspects of pop culture, including movies, TV shows, and music. With insightful discussions and expert analysis, the hosts provide a well-rounded perspective on the latest celebrity news and trends.

7. “The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter”
For those interested in the behind-the-scenes world of Hollywood, this podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by Scott Feinberg, it features in-depth interviews with top celebrities, directors, and industry insiders, providing an insider’s look into the entertainment industry.

8. “The Popcast with Knox and Jamie”
Hosted by Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden, this podcast takes a humorous and lighthearted approach to pop culture. While not solely focused on celebrity gossip, they often discuss the latest scandals and news, offering their unique and entertaining take on the subject.

9. “Dish Nation”
Based on the popular TV show, this podcast features the hosts from various radio stations across the United States as they dish on the latest celebrity news and gossip. With their diverse perspectives and lively discussions, it’s a fun and engaging listen for any gossip enthusiast.

10. “The Wendy Williams Show”
While technically not a podcast, The Wendy Williams Show is a must-watch for any celebrity gossip lover. Known for her no-filter approach, Wendy Williams spills the tea on the hottest celebrity news and interviews top stars, making it a go-to source for all things gossip.

In conclusion, these top 10 tea-spilling celebrity gossip podcasts offer a range of perspectives and styles, ensuring there’s something for every gossip enthusiast. Whether you prefer the insider knowledge of Perez Hilton, the comedic commentary of “Watch What Crappens,” or the no-filter attitude of Jackie Schimmel, these podcasts are sure to satisfy your craving for the latest Hollywood scandals and drama. So grab your headphones and get ready to dive into the world of celebrity gossip!

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